"The delightful surprise here is newcomer Emma Rosenthal as Polly. Not only is Ms. Rosenthal’s voice glorious but her acting is beyond par. Watching her interpret Bertolt Brecht words and lyrics is a delight and I predict big things for this star on the rise."

"Emma Rosenthal’s Polly is no shrinking violet in the shadow of Macheath’s muscle. She brings a fearless, devil-may-care quality to the naïve Polly, and her renditions of "Pirate Jenny" and "Barbara  Song" are feats of musicality and acting, respectively. Her name should be above the title."

"The two young leads have glorious voices. Emma Rosenthal as Polly, making her New York debut, is a treasure of a find, with Broadway written all over her voice. Singing "Pirate Jenny" she is captivating, and absolutely bewitching climbing up on a table to explain to her mother why she chose Macheath rather than some more eligible suitor in "Barbara Song". And she and the excellent Kelly Pekar (playing rival Lucy Brown) milk plenty of hilarity later on from the scene in which they cautiously find common cause in their love for Macheath."

"The adventurous and admirable-in-its-mission Marvel Rep Company is presenting an exceedingly well cast, splendidly sung, cleverly staged and directed production. Insinuatingly untypical is Emma Rosenthal’s performance as Macheath’s blind-sided and criminally abetting bride Polly Peachum who delivers the unforgettable ode, Pirate Jenny. What is there to forgive after seeing close to the best The Threepenny Opera I’ve ever seen?"
Emma Rosenthal
Marvell Repertory Theatre
"It is that quality of the enormous vastness and the simple day to day life of ordinary people that is so honestly captured in the play Nicholas Martin, director, has led his talented cast through...And Emma Rosenthal as daughter Rebecca who receives the letter with the address into infinity has the short but remarkable line “And it got here just the same!”

"Special mention has to be made of the younger members of the cast, especially Will Rogers and Emma Rosenthal as George and Rebecca Gibbs"

"Martin's 40-member cast is uniformly gifted. I cannot mention them all, though I would like to, but I can say that young Emma Rosenthal, as Rebecca Gibbs, offers Wilder's central message at the end of Act I, with an intensity and strength that belies her youth.”
Williamstown Theatre Festival
Porchlight Music Theatre
“...But Porchlight Music Theatre's current revival shifts the focus and confirms the star power of its leading actress, Emma Rosenthal, a lustrous-voiced singer who is still a student at Northwestern University. Rosenthal (who made a strong impression in Steppenwolf's recent production of "The Tempest") plays Luisa, the 16-year-old girl who falls in love with the boy next door and proceeds to learn more about romance than she bargained for. She turns this ingenue role on its head in the most beguiling, memorably comic ways. While she is surrounded by a production that has any number of things to recommend it, it is her fresh, contemporary, wonderfully zany take on Luisa that makes it burst with life. She is delicious."

"...To his credit, Kelly has cast Matt and Luisa as nerds, rather than the usual innocents. Emma Rosenthal, who plays Luisa, has a big head, strong jaw and a refreshingly honest approach to the role. Rosenthal is a character actress rather than the usual ingenue, and her work is constantly fascinating and gives the show an atypically juicy emotional center."

“Effinger-Dean and Rosenthal as the young lovers sketch remarkably detailed, sweetly comic portraits, utterly charming in their teenage bumbling and swooning. Here, Matt and Luisa throw themselves into love, rather than just falling into it. Rosenthal’s powerful voice is showcased, yet it’s their duets, especially the closing “They Were You,” that mesmerize.”

“it is newcomer Emma Rosenthal who will steal your heart with her stunning, spot-on portrayal of Louisa, a 16-year-old child who grows into a young woman before your very eyes.”
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Drury Lane Oakbrook
"In a cast of 31, the ensemble of ‘triple threat’ dancer-singer-actors is full of personality...and there are strong supporting performance(s) from Emma Rosenthal (as Anybodys)...”

“...Emma Rosenthal’s sensitively played Anybodys...stands out amidst an ensemble of talented singer-dancers...”

“...also deserving mention [is] Emma Rosenthal as the wannabe tomboy Anybodys...”
Music Theatre of Connecticut
“...Sophie is followed by a second soprano, a steely-eyed Sharon (Emma Rosenthal) who appears, initially, to be up to the task of withstanding the Callas treatment. However, she soon cracks, failing to make an entrance. Rather, we learn later, she has rushed to the bathroom where she proceeds to vomit. She will return, however, and will create, with Callas, one of the most moving scenes in the show as the diva elicits from her a performance she did not think she was capable of giving.” 

“Fortunately, the Callas tirade is matched by the young students themselves, played beautifully -- and in fine operatic voice -- by Charlotte Munson, Andrew Ragone, and Emma Rosenthal.” 
Drury Lane Oakbrook
"Osetek and his all-Chicago cast (again) certainly do the rich storytelling proud...as Molly Aster, the forceful, determined actress Emma Rosenthal has spunk, charm and just the right note of unease."

"Molly Aster (a most winning Emma Rosenthal in a bristlingly smart and comic turn as the aristocratic daughter of Queen Victoria’s most trusted captain)..."

"Emma Rosenthal, the one woman in the cast, displays great skill in making know-it-all Molly likable instead of obnoxious, and gets along very well with Donahoe, establishing a friendship you can root for."

"Their lives are changed by Molly (a glorious performance by Emma Rosenthal, who just keeps impressing me with her talents)"

"Emma Rosenthal, so excellent in Drury Lane’s recent “West Side Story,” is Molly. As the only girl in the cast, she plays her part with authority and confidence. Easily, Ms. Rosenthal accepts her role as the leader as she educates, entertains, rescues and falls in love with her Lost Boys. Together, these two young actors form a solid duo to carry this irresistible story."

“The star of stars in the cast is Emma Rosenthal. She may have a natural advantage as the only female among the characters but she turns Molly into the most three-dimensional character in the story. Rosenthal is diminutive physically, but she dominates by sheer force of personality and injects the most realist emotional notes into the narrative.”